Modern Wedding Flowers

Modern Wedding Flowers Volume 20

Modern Wedding Flowers Volume 20

The latest edition of Modern Wedding Flowers is jam packed with what’s hot and what’s next in wedding floral style, where you will find everything you need to create a wedding that’s filled with petal power.

We’re seeing a resurgence in the popularity of colourful, vibrant blooms, as well as the timeless classicism of white, ivory and free-spirited, trailing foliage.

Previously forgotten flowers, such as carnations, cosmos, Queen Anne’s lace, nigella, astilbe and maidenhair fern are all flourishing, especially when paired with of-the-moment wildflowers like wax flower, jasmine, cotton and thistle, and unexpected herbs and foliage like olive leaves, eucalyptus and rosemary.

Our seasonal flowers guide on page 57 will fill up your floral IQ quickly, so your in the know when it comes to choosing the most beautiful in-season blooms for your big day.

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