Modern Wedding Styling Handbook Vol 1

Modern Wedding Styling Handbook Vol 1

This is a magazine for the candle coveters, dream designers and colour cravers, for those that admire the edible and stop to smell the roses. It's a magazine for the bride and groom who honour beauty and praise perfection. The Modern Wedding Styling Handbook is here and it is without exception. With the help of Australia's top 25 wedding stylists we have filled these glorious page with pure inspiration, ideas and SO much beauty. 

Inside we talk specifics on the role of wedding planners, designers, stylists and decorators, plus colour palettes, tips for choosing your wedding stylist, all new styling ideas, styling with flowers and the next big things. We've dedicated pages upon pages of visual inspiration to showcase Australia's most stylish real weddings, clever inspiration shoots, delicious details and blooming florals galore! 

It is our wish that the Modern Wedding Styling Handbook would become your place of refuge. As you wander along the path of wedding planning, full of fun, stress and so much love, we hope you need only turn a page in this magazine to feel that rush of excitement and flutter in your chest.

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