Modern Wedding Styling Handbook Vol 2

Modern Wedding Styling Handbook Vol 2

In this second edition of Modern Wedding Styling Handbook, we, once again, bring you the best in Australian wedding style. Within the pages of Modern Wedding's Styling Handbook you'll find a plethora of inspirational ideas, from photos shoots to real weddings, all perfectly packaged and tied with a neat little bow to show you how the concept was taken from the original idea to a fully realised design. 

We scoured the country for the top 25 stylists and discovered all their sneaky styling secrets + we unearth their top tips for choosing a wedding stylist and give you some key questions to ask your stylist. This is still the only dedicated magazine for the candle coveters, dream designers and colour cravers, for those that admire the edible and stop to smell the roses. It's a magazine for the bride and groom who honour beauty and praise perfection. 

It is our wish that this second edition of Modern Wedding Styling Handbook would be your place of refuge. As you wander along the path of wedding planning, full of fun, stress and so much love, we hope you need only turn a page in this magazine to feel that rush of excitement and flutter in your chest.

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