Modern Wedding Vol 68

Modern Wedding Vol 68

The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming and sweet scents fill the air…Spring is here and we've got a brand new magazine just perfect for the season. Introducing our Fresh Edition, "because in the world of weddings there's nothing like a new idea to invigorate our senses, stimulate our souls and set our hearts racing," says editor Rosemary Slade.   

In this edition of Modern Wedding you'll find 480 gowns to-die-for, including trends from the runway (From The Runway p. 47), ideas for your bridesmaids (Maid with Style p. 75) and editorials showing you our favourite new wedding dresses from local and international designers (#bts Backstage Pass p. 94 & Fresh + Fashion Forward p. 248). It wouldn't be The Fresh Edition if it wasn't overflowing with 'fresh' styling inspiration, must-have products and not-to-be-missed ideas to help you create a wedding that's original, utterly you and effortlessly cool - flick straight to Your Next Wedding Obsession (p. 21) and Life of the Party (p. 197). 

Plus our regular DIY feature shows you how to add fresh seasonal blooms to your wedding day, tips for your wedding food, cake and dessert, hair and makeup, stationery, photography and more, all with a unique 'fresh' twist, as well as real wedding stories with loads of details to inspire your own day too!

This edition also includes a FREE Jewels magazine! 

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